Vampire Powers – Celerity

August 18, 2010 at 2:43 pm (Vampires)

Celerity is the power of supernatural speed and it’s the last of clan Toreador’s clan abiltys to need explaining. It allows vampires to move and act much quicker than humans.

Like Potence (vampire strength) It requires blood to power so each time it is activated it burn’s up some of the blood contained in the vampire body, which is why in the story Siren send thugs to attack Persia when she realised she’d gained Strength (Potence) from her blood. The entry can be found here 

Think of blood as energy, the older and lower the generation the vampire the more blood their body’s can contain. They can use this blood to heal and power certain vampiric ability’s but each time the do so the blood is used up. When the vampires are very low on blood, it causes something called the thirst (Gods Curse on Cain) which releases the beast and can cause them so into a frenzy hunting for more blood. 

Blood is also naturally burnt up in the vampires body the way humans use food, it sustains them so even a vampire without any blood powered ability’s need to feed regularly though perhaps not as regularly as those who frequently use ability’s like celerity. 

As a whole Celerity is an unusual ability because it doesn’t have individual powers, as the vampire gains new levels it simple increases the speed at which they can move. 

A vampire with celerity level 1 can move as roughly double human speed, Celerity 2 is three times human speed and so on. This power is a great offensive and defensive discipline as it allows the vampire to run away very quickly or failing that it allows the Vampire to attack multiple times so quickly someone moving at the same speed as a mortal would have difficulty parrying the blows or otherwise defending themselves. This is shown in the fight between Lar’s and Siren, here Lar’s is the stronger out and out fighter but Siren’s celerity kept her one step ahead of his blade. 

To the human eye level 1 is explainable the are just damn fast, by level 3 human seeing them know something is wrong as seem to blur and by level 8 they move so quickly the human eye simply can no longer see them making them effectively invisible.

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